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March 23rd, 1973 - Cologne: did this show happen?


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The first two don't list this date, but Wikipedia and Setlistfm seem to think it did... I had never heard of anything on this date happening until now. I'm assuming this was a canceled date or something, but why does nowhere else mention it? Idk why a date would've been canceled during this period because of how great of shape everyone was in, maybe someone got sick? Idk. Any additional information on this one?

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9 minutes ago, sam_webmaster said:

Did not happen.  I don't recall this even being tentatively scheduled.

I figured no less. Wonder where someone got this idea from, as it (probably) didn't come straight out of someone's ass.

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28 minutes ago, SteveAJones said:

You'd be surprised. Austin, TX 1975 is another example of this phenomena.

What do you mean? I was at that show, Queen opened for Zep and Elvis & Freddie joined Robert and the band for the encores. Best show EVER!!!

Treat me like a fool, treat me mean and cruel but...love...me :hysterical:

Oh, and Robert was singing at 1971 levels, almost forgot that part.

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