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If you could turn back time....

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First.. I wish I were born in 1948 or 1950.

Second... I would like to witness the following shows:

All Fillmore West shows in 1969

All Boston Tea Party shows in 1969

07/27/79 - Seattle International Pop Festival

08/31/69 - Texas Pop Festival

01/09/70 - RAH

03/07/70 - Montreux

06/28/70 - Bath Fest

09/04/70 - LA Forum

09/06/70 - Hawaii

09/19/70 - Fillmore East, Both shows

03/06/71 - Dublin, Ireland

All August 71 shows...

All September 71 shows...

Australian Tour 72...

All June Shows 72...

From 3/14/73 to 3/22/73 (European Tour)

05/31/73 - Bonzo's Birthday Party

06/02/73 - Kezar Stadium

07/17/73 - Seattle

07/27/73 and 07/28/73 in MSG

03/11/75 - Long Beach

03/12/75 - Long Beach

03/21/75 - Seattle

03/25/75 - LA Forum

03/27/75 - LA Forum

All 5 shows in Earls Court

04/09/77 - Cleveland

04/27/77 - Cleveland

04/28/77 - Cleveland

06/21/77 - LA Forum

06/23/77 - LA Forum

06/25/77 - LA Forum

06/27/77 - LA Forum

07/24/79 - Copenhagen

08/04/79 - Knebworth

06/29/80 - Switzerland

06/30/80 - Frankfurt

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Vancouver Aug.19/71. Somebody should've recorded that show

I'd also like to go to Seattle June 18/72. The show to replace the cancelled Vancouver gig. Had tix but the boarder boy's wouldn't let me cross. :angry: From all accounts from others that did make it..... a killer

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This is one Hell of a fantasy topic!!!


1971,Right after Led Zep IV,catapulted into the stratosphere,that would have been amazing to see them then

'72,the gigs recorded at HTWWW,the live album shows it was amazing,and Eddie Van Halen was at one of them!

Any gig that was on TSRTS.

Houses Of The Holy tour '73,the one where they beat the Beatles for attendance,maybe Madison Square Garden

Earls Court '75,must have been amazing,the 5th night was 3 hours 45 mins!

US tour '77,Damn that would have been a good one!

Knebworth '79,A Godlike triumph.

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As much as I would of given to go to one of their concerts, if I had a time machine I would of gone back to Sept 24, 1980 and done something to bonham (kidnap lol, knock him out, take away the vodka supply haha) to stop that from happening...

I would change the bottle with castor oil... instead of being drunk and sleeping, awake and alert. Sounds like a joke, but it doesn't. Believe me, it works. If someone is drunk, change the drink to castor oil... will not drink in a few days if is brave.

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Agreed,the best thing to do would be to save Bonzo's life,that said,i would actually go back in time to '68,i'm sure they had a few close calls,say,Page overdoses,i save his life and become a lifelong friend and get a free pass to every gig i want to,i can check up with him in the studio and even jam with Zeppelin,on the night that Bonzo (R.I.P.) died,i carefully arrange to come over,and save his life,i see every show that you can think of and the band love me forever!


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He did not killed himself... he stroke with his own vomit. The one who could die during that period was Page, which had a few brain cells in his heroin system.

By "killing himself" im referring to the fact that if he wasnt such an alcoholic he wouldn't of died, therefore making his death his own doing. The whole band was on so much crap what could you really do, tell Led Zeppelin, the greatest band at the time, to stop? Page could of died but he didn't, and I don't think he would of. He tried very hard to get off it and he did (if you look at an interview he got very angry when the guy said that heroine was associated with him name) but I'm saying that Bonham was such a bad alcoholic (had 4 quadruple vodkas before he died!) he would of gotten himself killed some other way.

And I'm pretty sure Peter Grant? started getting Page into heroine during studio sessions, so really I would attack him more than anyone. But If bonham was still alive I mean geehs, imagine even just 1 more album? (Wasnt INTOD alot of Bonham/Page?)

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I originally thought I'd want to go to a show in Germany in March '73, because I think that was their apex from a pure performance standpoint.

But the more I think about it, I think I'd want to go back to where I could have the best overall experience. I think the LA Forum in March '75 would be the place. The band was playing pretty well, and the setlist was good. But I'd go there more for the overall experience. Can you imagine (unless you were actually there, which some of you might have been) seeing Zeppelin in their prime, in their favorite place? Drinking a few beers in Hollywood at a bar on the Sunset Strip on a warm sunny day, then going over to the Forum to catch the kings of rock at that time? Imagine the scene in the parking lot...man, to be able to time-travel back to that moment, what a great time that would be.

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i read that they where told to come but they had another tour going on and that they regreted it after!

But I thought I read that Peter Grant said no to them performing at Woodstock because he wasn't interested in Led Zep being just one of the bands on the bill, I thought either they wanted more money or he wanted Led Zep to close one of the nights.

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But I thought I read that Peter Grant said no to them performing at Woodstock because he wasn't interested in Led Zep being just one of the bands on the bill, I thought either they wanted more money or he wanted Led Zep to close one of the nights.

Absolutely correct...although they did play other festivals that year, so I'm not sure I follow Peter's logic. Maybe he knew that Woodstock would just be so big, they wouldn't stand out?

Remember, at the time they were just getting into their stride while some of the other notable names on the bill (The Who, Hendrix etc.) were already well-established.

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I was surprised Janice joplin was at Woodstock.I couldn't believe my eyes.I saw her then

I was in shock.

It's spelled Janis, and why wouldn't she be at Woodstock?

But what does that have to do with this thread?

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I'm going to buck the trend here a little. I do that from time to time so bear with me. :)

I would do this as a time traveler. Go back in time and make my way to England around late 1968. Having had the knowledge of Led Zeppelin from my future I would see the potential they were going to create and the monster they were going to become.

I'd catch a few early gigs then casually introduce myself to the group, get to know them and ask if I could work for them in some way. Not as a manager by any means. Peter did just fine. Maybe soundboard technician during their shows or a studio technician. Or even work as a roadie. But I'd stick by their side through thick and thin. Never saying a word that I already knew their history or, if you will, their future.

I'd have jam sessions with Jimmy and John Paul as I play the guitar and bass. How many times I've dreamed of doing this... only to have Bonzo walk into the room, pick up his sticks and give us that crushing back beat. I'd make sure that Jimmy was okay during his bouts with heroin addiction. Always making sure he knew where help was if he needed it but never telling him to get clean. I already know he will do it on his own. I'd ask him to take me on a holiday to Bron-Yr-Aur. Just so I could see what it was like and what kind of inspirations he drew from that beautiful place.

I'd take journeys with Robert to those mythical places in the West Midlands and Wales where he sang of so often. Wander the countryside, smoke the Acapulco, trade stories and just listen to him. Robert has always seemed like the type that could just talk and appreciate everything that I appreciate. Mystical journeys, Mother Earth, fine herbs *wink*, fine women and a love of life. I would be there for him in his times of need. His car accident, the death of Karac and soon the death of Bonzo.

I would pay particularly close attention to Bonzo. Already knowing his fate I would make sure he knew that I loved him like a brother so that he could take it with him to his death bed. And then I'd weep for him privately knowing that I could not stop him from slowly committing alcoholic suicide. No, I would not alter the course of history by trying to save him. I'd try to be as far away as possible. Perhaps on a bittersweet holiday in Montreux. Drowning my sorrows in a pub and praying for the safe keeping of his soul.

That's what I'd do. No single show can capture my love for Led Zeppelin. I wouldn't even call it love. It's a romance. A passion. Sure I have a few favorites. In fact I'm listening to the vinyl of June 23, 1977 as I type this. If I had to pick one single favorite of all the shows I've heard or wished that I could have been at I would have to honestly answer....

All of them.

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9-19-70 MSG evening show - they were on fire that last night of their 1970 tour

6-19-72 Seattle - sounds like it was a wild night

5-4-73 Atlanta - first playing of No Quarter live, my favorite song

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