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Have you guys played or bought the Jimmy Page Mirror Tele?


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Hi everyone,

In the market for a 'grail' guitar. I recently tested the Fender Jimmy Page Mirror Tele and thought it was absolutely amazing. Granted this was in a music store, and for not very long. I don't currently own a Telecaster, just a Gibson Explorer. I love Jimmy Page but never thought of myself as a signature guitar type of buyer. It's also quite pricey... for anyone that has held one, played one, or has one, is it worth it? Is it a good Tele specimen to own? 

edit: I should probably mention I would NOT put the mirrors on it, I think that's a little gimmicky. 

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As a Tele player myself, I bought an American Standard version years ago. I took the guitar to a luthier with my specs and artwork for the guitar. As Jimmy's Dragon Tele has always been my favorite, I wanted to create my own in my own style, not a copy of Jimmy's. My Dragon Tele is a true dragon design in reds, greens, purples, & gold against a black stained alder-wood body. The effect is stunning and the guitar plays beautifully...plus no one else has one.

The guitar cost me $1,200 new and the upgrades and artwork another $600. Not bad IMO.

FYI: Jimmy's Dragon Tele is not a dragon design, it is a combination of a floral & paisley type pattern that kinds resembles a dragon by chance.

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