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Re-recording my first album with pro musicians


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Posting this makes me feel part of this forum, among other things, so forgive me for self promotion, especially before the album is recorded and sorry for all the past miscommunications and not many are going to be interested, anyway.

And me having mental problems, which in my home town made me for many people inherently immoral in many ways, while I just actually had

autism and mild personality functioning problems(although I don't expect anybody to follow my story, make up your mind, I just have to move on in life) and couldn't much protect myself and show myself in a good enough light, as I just didn't understand

things well enough,


it took ages to find right musicians and friends, I also completely opened my singing in the last few years and while I noticed patterns in music,

I was somehow always just mostly interested in melodic parts of music and had a bit of a  hard time listening to multiple parts at the same time and now I corrected that,

 so before I almost completely missed the rhythmic part of music and so recorded my first album completely alone in a weird free jazz style, which I just don't listen to.

My songs are singer songwriter songs with high pitched vocals.


This post is about music, not about how to find a style that brings success and I hope I managed to be able to show that I'm a modest and good person most of the

time on the forum. I enjoy being part of this community, although I sometimes miss communication these days and would like to be more of a part of the debate, hope I manage this.

I will post the songs here, as the album progresses in recording.


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Thanks, it means a lot to me that you responded, nice hearing from a true fan, I think I perhaps deserve that after listening to all the albums in such detail in the last few years and especially to the rhytm in the last two years and I certainly listen to atleast three bootlegs from each year a lot, just don't catch me on some specific bass line moment on Seattle 21/3 1975, it's my favourite bootleg and it would sort of hurt.

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My newly recorded album will finally be finished in a few weeks or less! Everything is recorded, except a little bit of vocals and some drums and then mixing and mastering.


I will post it here! Thanks for your patience, this has been going on way too long now, but there is the pandemic and some different health issues I had!

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