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More Bonnaroo Rumours


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I heard from brother's, wife's, sister's, boyfriend's, grandmother's, stepson's, cousin (once removed), mailman's, son's, best buddy in the whole world, girlfriend's, butler's, step-mother's, mayor-elect's, sister that there will be a concert called Bonnaroo in Tenn. and Led Zeppelin may or may not play there. Just ask her she lives in Coffe County and works at the local diner. Shit i should have never used to the quick reply.

That proves it's definate..


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i highly doubt zeppelin will play at bonnaroo... its a pretty open festival with like 15 stages and you can sneak in pretty easily... if zeppelin were to play there, there would be a few hundred thousand people trying to force their way in and it would get out of hand quickly..

the point im making is that zeppelin can pretty much only play inside 4 walls /....that you cant climb over, under or push through

I'll second that. Not only would there be those who live on THAT continent, but possibly tens or hundreds of thousands of people like me, who have never seen them live, hungry to get there no matter what, coming from all over the planet. F*ck, it would be the biggest crusade ever!!! Very, very dangerous, much worse than Woodstock and the chaos as everyone would need food, drink, toilets etc. They could only try to estimate the amount of pilgrims from helicopter shots... :notworthy:

400.000...and counting...

I think they also knew in the 70's that there wasn't much point to have a supporting act indoors as they would not be welcomed kindly by people thirsting for Zeppelin...but outdoors that's a necessity as it would anyway take hours for people to get in (and out), hopefully not days!


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If they get to TN maybe some day they will get to FL where I am. That would be a dream come true. I never have seen them live. What a thrill that would be. It would probably finish me off at my age :D

Alison Kraus and Robert will be most likely be playing Tampa in April, perhaps the 26th or 27th.


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