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Led Zeppelin Hot Wheels

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4 hours ago, porgie66 said:

Give me a break with the merch...where's the music?? How the East Was Won (Japan 71), Bath 70, Montreux 70, Earl's Court Compilation, alternate tracks from MSG 73, Copenhagen 79 (board tapes might exsist) , a standalone RAH 70 audio release.  Video, audio, something, anything, for Chrissakes?!!! 

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Has anyone actually seen any of these on any store shelves yet? If so, please share what store you seen them in for us.  According to this article in caranddriver.com, they go for $5.49 and they won't be limited but maybe a little hard to find.


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I saw similar Beatles-themed Hot Wheels in my local big-box grocery store; I don't think these will be particularly rare.  Obviously the days of Peter Grant jealously controlling the licensing of LZ products are long gone.  Maybe it's not the worst thing in the world, but it looks like the surviving members and their legal advisors - or whoever has the final say on such matters - have decided that the revenue from trademark deals (e.g. the Cadillac commercial, the Jimmy Page figurines, movie soundtracks, etc.) is worth any sullying of the band's reputation.  Zeppelin music and imagery, whether authorized or not, are so familiar by now as to practically be in the public domain anyway.  Perhaps the artists just figure they ought to get in on a market that's going to exist with or without their approval.  Still...



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