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Rock Royalty and Zeppelin


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Back in the mid 60’s and 70’s you had this group of musicians who we can regard as Rock Royalty and there are numerous pictures of them together in venues, clubs, parties etc. Namely members of The Beatles, Jagger, Richards,  Clapton, Bowie, Moon and for a brief period Hendrix,  but very rarely ,if ever, do you see pictures that also include members of Zeppelin.


Was there a clique between these musicians? a circle that Zeppelin never got into, or never invited to?  Was there some shunning going on at the top table or did they just move in different circles?

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Led Zeppelin was on tour basically non-stop from late 1968 to mid-1973. Unless they happened across some of those people while they were on the road, it's unlikely they would have had time to socialize. However, they did meet up with them on various occasions over the years. Here are some images I found after searching for just a few minutes. I'm sure other people here can dig up more.  

With Jeff Beck:



With Ron Wood:



With Keith Moon:



Robert with Paul McCartney:



With Iggy Pop:


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