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overall fav zeppelin song

Fav Zeppelin Song  

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  1. 1. Out of These, Which is ur Fav Song

    • Immigrant Song
    • Stairway to Heaven
    • Kashmir
    • Achilles Last Stand
    • Over the Hills and Far Away
    • Black Dog
    • Whole Lotta Love
    • Going to California
    • Tangerine
    • How Many More Times
    • In My Time of Dying
    • Travelling Riverside Blues

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My top 10 LZ songs would be:

  1. Immigrant Song
  2. Heartbreaker
  3. The Battle Of Evermore
  4. Rock And Roll
  5. Whole Lotta Love
  6. Stairway To Heaven
  7. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
  8. Kashmir
  9. Trampled Under Foot
  10. Poor Tom

But Immigrant song has an amazing guitar, voice and lyrics, and was the song that woke me up to Led Zeppelin and Hard Rock.

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That there's a tough one cause it sometimes depends on the day and/or situation.. most days you gotta go with Kashmir, but if you're mellow, you got to hear Tangerine.. when you have to drive somewhere quickly you need Achilles.... but right now it is raining outside... you just never know.

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