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2019-2020 Season NFL Playoff Picks Pool


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Now that the long, grueling regular season is over - it’s time to look to the playoffs. Less games to pick and an opportunity for those who don’t want to commit to 17 weeks of picks, to have fun with this quick little jaunt.

Rules are simple, one point for each correct game picked and, if necessary, the tie breaker at the end will be total points in the Super Bowl - separate from picking the winning team.

If you’re interested, here’s the slate of games for this weekend’s Wild Card Round matchups:



Buffalo @ Houston 4:35 pm

Tennessee @ New England 8:15 pm


Minnesota @ New Orleans 1:05 pm

Seattle @ Philadelphia 4:40 pm

I don’t ever remember wild card weekend being conference specific before.

Good luck everyone! 


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OK Sean.  I am in

Buffalo  (wow, I am shocked by the support here)

Tennessee  (last ever game for Brady at NE, regardless of outcome)

New Orleans  (massacre possible.  The revenge of the Case Keenum miracle)

Seattle  (Russel Wilson is better on the road and the Eagles are banged up)

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59 minutes ago, redrum said:

Must be the playoff jitters.


47 minutes ago, paul carruthers said:

I wouldn't mind going 1-3 this week...  🤣

True. I still can’t believe the saints didn’t roll on Minnesota.

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That was without a doubt the most missed playoff weekend ever....

Current standings: 

zepscoda  2-2

LedZeppFan1977  2-2

jabe  2-2

paul carruthers 1-3

ebk 1-3

Strider  1-3

Walter  1-3

Junior  0-4

redrum  0-4

The Mrs.  0-4


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Wow.! Tied for first at 2-2.  It does not feel good.  Allen and my Bills had them.  The fumble.  But then s great stop on 4th an1!  Then we make the big stop in OT and the Zebras flag the rookie for a “back block”?  15 yard penalty to fuck us out of a winning FG?  At least Tennessee ended Brady and Belecheck .  It’s fnished!


San Francisco 






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18 hours ago, Walter said:


True. I still can’t believe the saints didn’t roll on Minnesota.

Agree.  Shocking.  Time for Breese and Brady to hang it up.  But Brady is likely going to learn the hard way like Namath, Montana and Unitas before him.  And its going to be in SD or LA I mean with the Chargers most believe?  That stupid assistant is not waiting any longer for Belecheck perhaps?   I think he burned his bridges to the ground just like Antonio Brown, who just tweeted his way out of the NFL. He is now blaming the Bills, Eagles and the rest of the teams that are out for being eliminated for not hiring his sorry ass.  That guy is a joke.  So long Antonio.

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