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Whole lotta love OSAKA

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Where the hell is the 9/29/71 whole lotta love? the existance of twist and shout makes me think this is a lot more complete, wheres thank you? Im sick of waiting 2 years for just a few songs, though im sincerely grateful for the 9/28 sbd. Also wondering if we will see 9/23 and 9/24. all it takes is a sample to circulate. When I first heard 'friends' i couldnt believe it. Im just ramblin


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I think the EV business model is pretty straightforward at this point, now that it’s been running for 20 years. A soundboard every year, and filler in between - which often includes alternate versions/boxes/artwork of the soundboards to create even more sets to buy.

For 929, with the Twist and Shout snippet on the 928 release, I think it’s obvious that they have the whole recording, so hopefully it’s just a matter of time now. Consider that they recently put out that 929 Boxset with the upgraded alt audience sources, but only used clones of fan remasters for the two soundboard mixes rather than make their own. Whereas with 928 they did a proper sbd/aud combo - so maybe they don’t actually have the rest of that one? Who knows. Next year is the 50th anniversary of the Japan tour, so that should give them plenty of time to sell stock of the current 929 and 928 titles.

LA 3/24/75 has gone quiet, so maybe that might come sooner. Hoping for Long Beach 3/12/75 and Philadelphia 2/8/75 of course.

No doubt they are also gearing up to release all of the Millard masters as they come out from Dime, so I would expect those releases to get a whole new round of boxes, etc.

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