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Robert in New Orleans 1977

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On 3/28/2020 at 4:06 PM, zephead100 said:

This was at pool in hotel in New Orleans they were staying day of or before Karac died. This my cousin's wife. She could only get Robert to take picture with her.


Oh well, the answer is always no unless you ask. Guess old Robert was too busy for a quick garden?

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25 minutes ago, drpete said:

Sad to see this picture knowing in a matter of moments Robert would suffer the worst heartbreak of his life

I've been wondering about that since this picture was posted. If memory serves correct, in Richard Cole's book, Robert was told his wife had called when they checked in, and he said he'd call her back from his room. Later that same day he shared the tragic news. So it could be they checked in, he called his wife back and was informed Karac had collapsed at home (as reported in the Dallas Morning News on 7/30/77). He may have then proceeded to the pool to try to relax awhile. My point is he only stayed there one day, flying out the next morning accompanied by John Bonham and Robert's personal assistant, Dennis Sheehan.     

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55 minutes ago, bluecongo said:

Not doubting anything OP stated about pic, but is it possible this is another date in New Orleans? They stayed there earlier in tour (May) right ?



Good point.  There were some syndicated articles in April 1977 from New Orleans with Peter Grant being interviewed.  It's very possible that's when the photo was taken. There's also a photo of the whole band in New Orleans at the corner of Toulouse & Burgunday in the French Quarter which looks to be around April 77 too.

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2 hours ago, bluecongo said:

Not doubting anything OP stated about pic, but is it possible this is another date in New Orleans? They stayed there earlier in tour (May) right ?

Good catch. They did stay at the Maison Dupy for a few days in May '77, and more specifically Bonham and the entourage were seen in the hotel's Lautrec Lounge in the mid-afternoon of May 21, 1977 according to the San Antonio Light.

Robert's hair length in May '77 and Jul '77 seems to be the same, or at least too close to call. I don't think I've seen any other photos of him wearing those clothes. The resolution of the Maison Dupy photo with the woman is such that I cannot discern if he is wearing the lightning bolt necklace he often wore on the earlier part of the tour.

In May 1977 the average high temperature in New Orleans, LA was 86.5°F. The hottest day in May 1977 was 31 May when the temperature reached 95.0°F. Overnight the average temperature in May is 66.5°F and in 1977 the average overnight temperature was 2.3°F cooler at 64.2°F. In other words, it's entirely plausible Robert would have gone to the outdoor pool in either May or Jul 1977.    




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13 hours ago, zephead100 said:

She said they all suddenly left and then she heard about Robert's son death. 

She was working there at the time.

Accepting this at face value as the truth, the date is settled -- Tue, July 26, 1977. Peter Grant held a press conference there (Maison Dupy) the next day to announce cancellation of Saturday's upcoming concert at Superdome, as well as the shows for Chicago and Buffalo. The remaining tour dates were cancelled about a week later.

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