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Van Halen vs ACDC


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I hate it when I'm forced to agree with the majority but sometimes the majority,inexplicably,get it bang on as in this case.

Van Halen were good,great even and obviously they had one of the most unique and better guitarists of the 80s but as I read in the verdict of someone above (commented above not some mythical creater lol) AC/DC is AC/DC.

You could argue that EVH is the better guitarist between him and Angus but as great as EVH is/was I don't think he is as instantly recognisable as Angus.Besides almost every single solo and lead part that Angus played throughout AC/DCs career was the right solo and the right time. Could EVH create better solos on Powerage,Highway,BIB or For Those?  I'd argue he couldn't. AC/DC have been accused of being a Status Quo like one trick pony,they had one song and played it 150 different ways but as a guitar player myself don't dismiss their music as simple or generic.The key to AC/DCs music is often the rhythm sections solid backing and Angus's percision timing playing the lead parts and ryhthms behind the beat with percision.I'd say it's easy to play AC/DC but to play it well takes a surprising amout of work

AC/DC are also the ultimate good time rock n roll band that any lad who was a naughty schoolboy is going to love.

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