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What album would you choose


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What if Led Zeppelin toured and, in addition to playing songs that would probably be staples in the set no matter what (Whole Lotta Love, Kashmir), they wanted fans to vote for one of their albums for them to play in its entirety? What album would you choose?

I myself would probably choose Physical Graffiti, because it has so many great songs that are diverse in sound and style. I would love to hear stuff like In the Light, Down By the Seaside, Ten Years Gone, and Boogie With Stu live.

I love all of Led Zeppelin's albums and, really, hearing any of them in its entirety would be great, but Physical Graffiti has slowly but surely become the one I listen to the most. I suppose In Through the Out Door would be cool too, because they really didn't perform live much after that album came out.

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I'd love to see 'em do CODA with the 4 extra tracks. Just because it's the most obscure and unless I'm mistaken, it has the least amount of songs ever played live.

(WGG, WS/BMS and ICQYB, right?)

I really love that album!

Of course that will never happen.

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To me it isnt even worth mentioning next to the other true 8 studio albums.
I disagree. For me, it just goes to show that even their leftovers were awsome!

The following are great songs:

We're Gonna Groove

Poor Tom


Bonzo's Montreux

Wearing and Tearing

Kind of weird and experimental:

Walter's Walk

Ozone Baby


I Can't Quit You Baby

Baby Come On Home

Taveling Riverside Blues

White Summer/Black Mountainside

Hey Hey What Can I do

I stand firm. It's a great album :) (Remember, I did say with the extra tracks.)

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Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I hope you are not saying it is their best album?? I think you would have a tough time finding many to say Coda is their best. Then again, there are alot of white album fans out there and I think it sucks. (Beatles)
Absolutely not saying it's their best. :lol: But after hearing BD,STH,WLL,NQ,DAC a few thousand times, I'd love to see them perform the CODA material live.

I guess I like it so much because it's the one I've listened to the least. Zep has so many great classics that we've all heard so many times, when I listen to CODA, it's kinda liike hearing 'new zep' to me. And I honestly think it's great.

Btw, The White Album ? You think the following songs suck?

Back in the USSR

Dear Prudence

While My Guitar Gently Weeps



Mother Nature's Son

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