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Happy Birthday January Babies!


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Happy Birthday January Babies!!!!


January 2—Rock Purgerica, Tristam, PixieDust1974

January 3, 1988—Ancel Gutierrez

January 4—Chicken, kaztor (slight return)

January 9—The Rover, Rocktopus

January 11-page*puss/gilmour girl, martyp

January 12--Timetraveller

January 13—OttoMasson

January 14—the lemon song, Scratch

January 15—MonaKoza

January 18—Percy, Led Zeppelin Lover

January 24—Ishita, BUK, wendigo

1990—Horrorshow Plant

January 26—fenix

January 28, 1968—GioBrazil

January 29---KashmirDevi

January 30, 1988—Penny Lane

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Mine is coming up January 25th, and to think I was only 14 years old when I first heard Led Zeppelin on our local rock radio station in 1976, just when "Presence" was released, and the first song I heard on the radio was Candy Store Rock, and I loved it!!!

The rest is history, I imediatley became a hard core Zeppelin fan.

Oh, I'll be 46.

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