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Bootleg Artwork

Page Les Paul

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With the stay at home rule in Florida, I have had a lot time to download bootlegs to my iPhone and iPhone. I really wasn't crazy about the artwork for the majority of the 77 boots except Destroyer (Page cover so I created my own artwork. I tried to have a common theme as if each individual show was part of a 1977 tour boxset. The covers on my iMac are much sharper than what appears here.  IMG_3524.thumb.jpeg.c0b1cb1adf2a30091f3bcdece22e2f2e.jpeg

Fort Worth 05/22/1977


Landover 05/25/1977


New York City 06/07/1977


Los Angeles 06/21/1977


Los Angeles 06/23/1977


Seattle 07/17/1977

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Just completed Houston. 

Two questions.

1) Is there a good audience recording of the April 10, 1977 Chicago show? Would love to do a cover for that one as Jimmy wears the stormtrooper outfit.

2) Does anyone have a link to the May 30, 1977 (sound board) show? I'm not able to find the complete sound board on Black Beauty.


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10 hours ago, pluribus said:

Just curious, why not use photos from the actual shows? I see that some of them use photos from the gigs, but most are from other dates: There are photos for a good majority of shows that you can find here and on Ledzeppelin-reference 


I googled each show to find photos. Went on led zeppelin.com and reviewed any photos I could find for each show. Looked through Neil Preston's book "Sound and Fury". Looked at Bob Gruen photos. It was like being on a scavenger hunt. Not familiar with Led Zeppelin-reference. Also, I wanted to use as high quality photos as possible. It finally got to the point where I had to use photos from other shows as long as they were similarly dressed. In other words no storm trooper photos. Seattle was very hard to find anything of good quality so I had to use other photos. Finally, as much as I would like to have the photos from each show it seemed like an impossible task. Compared to most bootleggers, at least I did not use photos from different tours.

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49 minutes ago, Jukkin said:

Hot damn! These are gorgeous! Great work. Thank you.

Thanks! I did upload some of the covers on Album Art Exchange here.


I had to shrink the files for that website. 

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