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A Great Band

Floyd & Zep

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Colvin Quarmby are a great band that just can't seem to get noticed, but they are really good, especially live.

Their website is this

There are also some videos of them on youtube that are worth looking at. If they ever play near you i would definitly recommend them. Even if you're not too keen on the music they are really funny and its worth going just for the bits of chat between songs.

Here's one of the youtube videos:

youtube video

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yeah he is a bit hyper on stage, but it just makes him more funny. The clip shows some of the funiness but it probably isn't their best song. I much prefer one more week, which i think may be on youtube as well. But they are definitly worth going to see.

i found the clip of their best song, pity it isn't all of it though. here it is

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