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Bonzo’s All Time Best Drum Beat (excluding Moby Dick)

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I'm with Tom. Been listening to a bunch of shows chronologically; seems Bonzo wanted to do the Crunge during nearly every version of Dazed in 72. JPJ would often join in; Jimmy took a bit longer to catch on. I'd wager the hierarchy of credit for creating this song follows how the studio track builds: 1.Bonzo 2.JPJ 3.Jimmy.

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The Crunge.

Fool in the Rain.


WLL (try listening to the isolated drum vids out there, there is so much going on deep in the mix)


And so many others to choose from.  At the end of this month it'd have been JB's 72nd birthday. I've promised myself that if the lockdown is lifted by then, I'll get to his memorial statue in Redditch.

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