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Favorite JPJ Bass lines

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Live, either Sick Again in Seattle '75 or Whole Lotta Love from TSRTS.


Maybe In My Time of Dying for the mad jam that it is. Or Achilles for just being one of the four who contributed so much to make that epic piece.

What a mad thread.

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Great topic! The comments have been funny! Some of the other posts have made me pause and think about this and also helped me realize that my studio choice would be TSRTS and live the medley section in WLL... JPJ... That man knew how to boogie!

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My first thought was  "whichever one I am listening to at the moment".  But that is too easy, so I thought about it some more.  Jones was such an important part of the music.  He played many different types of lines and they all fit perfectly whether they were simple or complex, whether they mirrored the guitar parts or not,  whether you noticed them or not, etc.  

I looked at a recent studio tracks playlist I made and realized it contains many of my favorite Jones bass lines. 

What Is and What Should Never Be

The Lemon Song

Ramble On

Over the Hills - especially live - what he plays while Jimmy is soloing.  But if you think about it, Jones is "soloing"  at the same time.

The Crunge

The Song Remains the Same


Nobody's Fault  

But then I thought of some more.

Ozone Baby (a review when this was released called that "a dribble and shoot bass line") 

Immigrant Song (the bridge parts - that is a crazy line)

Celebration Day  (and this one was much better live, with 71 and 73 both being very different but both amazing)

Carouselambra - especially the funky third section

If it Keeps on Raining

St.Tristan's Sword

Dazed and Confused - not the main opening, but the spaced out middle section where he plays those psychedelic lines.  

And have others have mentioned - so many live versions of WLL.  I really like the ones in 73 and 75 for bass lines.  73 for the  funk and boogie sections and theramin part, and the funky sections in 75.  Just so amazing.  And of course Berlin 80 is one of a kind and very special.





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Wasn't expecting this much feedback on my first post, but it's very cool to see all of this.

I've listened to some of the live bootlegs and 85% of all of their released studio stuff and all of these posts have really made me think about it because my first thought was The Crunge and Lemon Song, and then I saw Ramble On here and I realized that I forgot about that song. I really like Dazed and Confused and Achilles last stand but I think my favorite is Lemon Song because that is one of my favorite songs. 

I also like what is and what should never be.

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