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New article on 2014 interview. Page & Plant on Wales.

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Can’t stand the rag but a relative brought it to my attention so I googled it & it was good to read about times at Bron yr Aur. 

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It's always funny when Robert calls Jimmy "Jim Bob". I remember he did that onstage in Sheffield in 1995. It was funny then and it's funny now!

Here's some pictures taken during this time at Bron-Y-Aur ( that's Robert's dog, Strider).


1970 Bron y Aur 001.png

1970 Bron y Aur 002.png

1970 Bron y Aur 003.png

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In reading the article, one wonders just how “cool”was the relationship around 2014 between Plant and Page.  I think some of that stemmed from Page  wanting to continue on with a Zeppelin project akin to their O2 2007 appearance.  It seems by Plant's remark, “A laugh a minute?” that Robert might have become weary about discussing Zeppelin as he already had been quite successful with his own “re-inventing” the Robert Plant brand and looked at a Zep project as a chore, and was content to let the past be.

I'm sure the remaining 3 musicians all pinch themselves at times to take in their world success and how 4 struggling musicians became one unit melded into a identifiable sound  and which still endures to this day.



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