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Best rock and roll live solo


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Hi guys, i love listening and playing this Song, '73 versions are my favorites, but which one do you think has the the best solo from Page? My favorites are 27/7/1973 (fits perfect,much Better than the original solo of the song), 28/7, 29/7, Mobile 5/13, Seattle 17/7. Tell me about your bests versions!

PS Sorry for my bad english ☹️

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7/27/73. A CRIME that we still haven’t got the unedited soundboard for the entire show. There is zero value in holding it back, and it’s been that way for 40 years. There are no more dollars to squeeze out of yet another soundtrack reissue. Just leak the complete gig out already. Amazing that we somehow managed to get complete digi videos for both 5/24/75 and 5/25/75 and even Southampton 73 (!) out of those HTWWW and DVD sessions, yet the show that had already been commercially available for 30 years still couldn’t find its way out.

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