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Working as sound engineering/ roadie?


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Hi everyone, 


Maybe it's not the best place to post such a question but I'll try since I don't know anybody irl who can help. 

I decided I want to connect my life with music as much as possible but I doubt I can set a band/ make money like this so I want to stick to sound engineering or anything similar. I love music in general, I love it behind the scene and I love to learn how it is made, however I cannot afford to study engineering and I don't have any experience with it, know no one in this field. My plan was to try to get a roadie job and than meet more people in the industry, try to help them with different duties setting up the stage for gig etc, etc. Any advise? Or maybe I have wrong impression and actually getting into music engineering isn't that hard?


Also I want to mention that I'm not from EU/US, I live in Czech Republic right now but still too far from getting their citizenship. Do the roadies get special visas? How do I manage this? I know you might advice me to get roadie job in my country instead yet it's pretty impossible and our music scene is poor af, plus I don't want to get back cause the whole situation in my country is far from okay unfortunately and I don't want to die starving in there. 

Any advice will be appreciated, thanks in advance!

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