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Rolling Stones song Scarlet from 1974 w Jimmy Page to be released

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19 hours ago, Mr.Bones said:

Its just a real shame people like Taylor & Ronson get the shaft on writing credits even though they wrote a good share of these songs, or, took sketches in the case of Ronson and turned them into the songs we know and love. Bowie typically wrote his songs on an acoustic guitar and then presented the rough demo to Ronson who pretty much took it from there on many of Bowies biggest hits. 

Absolutely. Bowie himself finally admitted that if you wanted to understand Ronson's contributions, you should compare Bowie's 12-string demo of Ziggy and the final, released version.
Ronson also took Bowie's clunky piano demo and turned it into Life On Mars - there's even outtakes where Ronno stops the recording and tells Rick Wakeman to play it more like this!
Without Ronson, the vast majority of those Bowie songs wouldn't sound anything like they do. And he got nowt for it - he was on 50 quid a week and didn't get any extra arranger's fees.
It goes totally against natural justice - but that's the way the credit system works. Look what Hendrix did to All Along The Watchtower, yet the credits still say 'Dylan' - because all of Hendrix's ideas were classed as arrangement, not songwriting.  

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