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Detroit 7/12/73 8mm footage

Zep Hed

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Thanks to LedZepFilm for uploading.

"Special thanks to the filmer, Steve Mucha, as well as goldenretriever157 for getting this transferred and released, with sync job by myself. Sadly, the original reels no longer exist (Steve and a friend each shot footage) so the edits are native to the VHS source. Although short and blurry, there are some great Bonham moments in here and you can even see sparks behind the stage during the bow solo, a detail I've never noticed. Enjoy!"


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What a nice treat!!!  Great Work!!!   I love fan shot footage over pro any day. Even with the cuts it's still more enjoyable than watching a pro shot film with a ton of cuts and meaningless closeups. I'm not saying I won't watch a pro shot but you get the jist.

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