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Death Wish 2 Tabs/Tutorials

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Evening all...

Can someone point me to any decent tabs or tips for anything off of the Death Wish 2 soundtrack - particularly interested in the main riffs to City Sirens and Who's to Blame.  My old ears just keep getting older so any help would be appreciated :)

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2140915759_Screenshot_20210221-152141_GuitarTabsX.thumb.jpg.0b7e62fab083736770115f50191e40e4.jpgWho's to Blame has been a real tricky one to figure out.  Especially the fast hook played around the 54 second mark.  There's a quick pass of notes that are hard to pin point. 

The main riff is basically D5 to E5 (bar 1 in tab above)

(Bar 2) Then a variation of 3rds in the key of A. (Bar 3 - 2/4 section is a tag that is played before going back to the 1st theme)

A bridge type pass goes through F C Eb Bb (I'll tab this soon).


I think I finally got this...took me 3 days

Hook around 57 second mark:

Who's To Blame (hook)

I experimented with a handful of variations of this run...this is the closest I can figure out.

If I have the patience, I will try to tab out the other sections.  

Let me know if you would like a video tutorial.

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