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I've started YOUTUBE CHANNEL !


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In 1984,  "SUPER ROCK 84" was held in Japan.  Performers were as follows,  SCOPRIONS,WHITESNAKE,THE MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP,ANVIL, and BON JOVI.

BON JOVI performed second, after ANVIL.

It was unbelievavle at now!!




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In Japan, DEEP PURPLE and LED ZEPPELIN  were called "BIG 2 OF HARD ROCK"

Well ,DEEP PURPLE was so understandable,that many young guitar kids were intersted in DEEP PURPLE.

But from first I was dazed and cofused by LED ZEPPELIN !!


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On 7/21/2020 at 11:34 AM, EGNURC said:

Album jacket of 「WIRED」is f○○kin' coooooool!!

Because of this jacket , I bought a white stratcaster with rosewood fingerboard (GRECO'S copy model)

All guitar is played by me  ROCK ON!!


A great song selection and nice work on the guitar.  And I agree with you about the album jacket.  I can still recall getting this album when it was released in spring 1976.  Along with Presence, and Rocks by Aerosmith, this was  one of my favorite albums that year.

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