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Given that the original bootlegs for Source 1 and Source 2 were vinyl, I suppose you’d want to search for those. There are lots of versions of the Blimp/TMOQ (Source 1) recording on vinyl, so I think it’s just a matter of picking one.  Source 2 only ever had the one release via Rubber Dubber, so that’s that. The acoustic set from Source 3 was featured on the TMOQ vinyl of 6/3/73, but otherwise I don’t believe that Sources 3-6 have ever been put to vinyl.

Source 1 has long since been upgraded via the tape source on Neutral Zone’s “Live On Blueberry Hill” in the 80s and Empress Valley’s “Live On Blueberry Hill” TMOQ source in 2005. Eat a Peach’s version combines the two. These are all CDs though.

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