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1971.09.29 Remastered Soundboard

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4 minutes ago, John M said:

Oh man, that one is going to be "something else"!  Looking forward to it.

I listened to it today and I'm happy with it. The thing that's stopping me from releasing it is there's a ton of little details I check before I put out a show (fix SBEs, make sure the balance is OK, etc.), but doing that is a lot less fun than the rest of the remastering process, so I end up putting it off to do stuff that's more enjoyable. I'll get to it soon, I just need to buckle down. 

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On 9/17/2020 at 6:48 PM, SteveZ98 said:

I'm glad your enjoying the 9/29/71 remaster. The performance is just amazing. I'm not sure if or when the rest of it will come out. I'd prefer for Jimmy to release it officially, but if that doesn't happen I'll settle for EV or another boot label putting out the rest so we get to hear all of it from the soundboard.

Regarding 3/21/75, I'd only release a show if I thought my version was different enough from what's already been released to be worth my time to work on it and other people's to listen to it. As far as I know, no one else is doing the type of stereo remixes that I am so my version of 3/21/75 will be unique in that regard. Whether anyone likes it better than other versions is up to each person, which is why I provide samples of the remasters so everyone can hear them first to see if they like them enough to download them. And even if someone else released a stereo version of a show right before I released mine and it was better than what I was going to release, I'd happily shelve mine. The only reason I do the remasters is to hear Zep in the best possible sound quality, so if someone else puts out a version that's better than mine then I'll gladly listen to theirs instead.  Winston's "The Great Love Affair" is still my go to for the 9/4/70 show even though I've done my own remaster of it, and Liriodendren's matrix of the 7/7/80 show is my favorite version of the last show with Bonzo.

Just listening to the show again. It really holds up well. A balanced and clear production.

My vote would be for a completion of the show.

As you wrote above, there are other boots. But none I've heard have the quality you have done.


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