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No Restrictions '69

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15 hours ago, HammerOfTheCods said:

This recording just popped up on Napster. I'd never heard it before, and I've never known Napster to put boots out there.

I apologize if this topic has been posted before, but this seems like a very welcome surprise.

I don't know anything about it.

I downloaded Blueberry Hill (very slowly) from Napster in around about 1996/97, before they went legit of course. The first thing I ever downloaded after discovering P2P file sharing in fact.

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18 hours ago, kirchzep27 said:

"Hammer of the cods" 

Great username, Cheers 

Thanks. I was a regular contributor years ago, before the 02 gig even. There was always a lot of reunion banter going on, and this one regular posted just kept batting down the rumors. Then one day something was mention about the possible 02 show, and for the first time in years, this regular responded with "*sits up in chair." One of my favorite moments here. I got kicked out a long time ago for asking whether Robert Plant and Allison Krauss were an item, although I put it a bit more crudely than that. 

I've listened to a ton of boots, even back to when I'd buy them from the alternative record store back in the late 1970s and early 1980s, plus a lot of YouTube stuff, and had never heard this one before, so I was surprised when it turned up on Napster. It made me wonder whether Jimmy, while quarantined in his castle, was working on issues of live stuff. 

I'm very grateful they're not as hardcore about pulling them off YouTube.

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