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RE-IMAGINED / RE-SEQUENCED: In Through the Out Door


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RE-IMAGINED / RE-SEQUENCED:  In Through the Out Door

In The Evening
Walter's Walk (eh, I know... bit of a stretch)
Ozone Baby
South Bound Saurez

Wearing and Tearing

I'm Gonna Crawl
Carouselambra & The Epic (spliced together; there's a version of this out there...😏)
Hot Dog

NON-ALBUM (45 rpm) SINGLE: All My Love / Fool In The Rain

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For this one I can see adding Ozone Baby and Darlene in place of Carouselambra.


  1. In The Evening
  2. South Bound Saurez
  3. Fool in the Rain
  4. Hot Dog


  1. Darlene
  2. All My Love
  3. Ozone Baby
  4. I'm Gonna Crawl

I like putting Ozone Baby between All my Love and I'm Gonna Crawl for contrast. Something upbeat between the mellow tunes seems in the Zeppelin spirit. As far as Wearing and Tearing goes and Walter's Walk, meh, leave 'em on Coda! I was never a fan of either of those songs, especially Wearing and Tearing.


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