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Happy Birthday Robert Plant!

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Playing a random song list for Robert’s birthday (solo material).  So far...

Helen of Troy 

Calling To You 

I Believe

Wearing & Tearing (from Knebworth 90)

Burning Down One Side

Other Arms

Fortune Teller

Hurting Kind

The May Queen 

Edit: Far Post - my fav - just popped up

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I gave up trying to use the search engine to find this thread and just jumped to August 2021 and voila!

Happy 74th birthday to the Golden God, Robert Plant! A little more grey than golden these days. But, as his show at the Greek the other night attested, age has not withered his talent or charisma.


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Happy Birthday Robert, 

from The Tarot Deck lyrics I wrote:

"You've drawn the King Of Hearts for him, male warmth, ardent, elusive, But he is loved by many so you'll not have him for yourself exclusive." 

Robert is 8 1/2 months younger than me!!!

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misspelled a word!
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