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announcement complete 3/24/1975 L.A Soundboard

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7 hours ago, Moby_Dick_Ale said:

All of the above is true! And Niwa using FedEx is a huge improvement: ordered 11-14, received yesterday 18th...

Shipped on Monday and arrived Tuesday in Los Angeles. Incredible. 

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1 hour ago, Flyingzepp said:

It's in the lossless section over at guitars101

mistitled one that says 24-02? I was suspect about the link provided. Didn't click it. Anyone here in possession care to share??? When I get it, I'll drop it on my Mega.

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3 hours ago, ZepHead315 said:

I've uploaded the soundboard to YT:


So far it sounds like the guys indulged a little too much? They sound somewhat frantic with Bonzo doing some strange fills/beats that seem to threaten to throw everything. I'm only up to The Rain Song (which sounds a lot better so far than the opening mania), but Jimmy and Bonzo so far sound a bit "hyper". Please don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, another great sounding 75 SB. Unreal. Thanks ZepHead. :thumbsup:

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I'm still enjoying the new 7-13-73 show so much that I have be honest, this LA show is pretty underwhelming in comparison.  It was known that the LA75 shows didn't measure up to the previous great nights in Vancouver and Seattle (not to mention Long Beach), but this soundboard (superb sound and all) really doesn't flatter the first night (admittedly the weakest of the three nights).  Even NQ comes off a little flat.

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16 hours ago, John M said:

Eelgrass is already offering their copy for about $50 USD plus shipping.

Their version includes the Minneapolis board tracks, The Wanton Song and the Candy Store Rock outtakes. $62 to the US shipping included...

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