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I found the Stairway to Heaven in India

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Hi there! I'm an independent researcher from Italy, I'm been to a Led Zeppelin concert in Zurich in 1978.

Now I'd like to share my finding about history. The Garden of Eden was in North West India, there a mountain: Mount Girnar was the Sacred Mountain mentioned by all civilizations in history. The mountain had a stair where the Kings and Priests ascend to talk to the Gods. The real STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN. It is clear from the evidences in my web site: https://ralbadisole.org that the mountain was on the oldest port and city-state in the history of man kind. The nearby old city of Mergarh is dated by archaeologists at the 8th millenia Before Present. The common name for this city, don't freak out, is Atlantis, we do not know the old real name...

Cheers, Ralbadisole, a old time fan!


Staiway to Heaven.jpg

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