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Was Steve Cropper an influence on Jimmy Page?


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Hi all, I was listening to some early Booker T. & the M.G.'s and Steve Cropper's crunchy Telecaster guitar work made me wonder if he was a possible influence on Jimmy Page's playing, particularly on the first album? Are there any interviews or evidence of this or is it just that they played the same guitar. Was soul music much of an influence on JP?

For example this tune Jelly Bread reminds me a bit of How Many More Times.


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IMO, whether you actively listened to Steve Cropper or not, an enormous amount of R&B, Soul, and Rock guitarists were influenced

by Steve Cropper. Technically speaking his style wasn’t difficult to figure out finger wise, but getting his groove wasn’t always easy.

It does help to have a good Tele and a tube Fender amp, but actually Page managed( and others) to play many of those licks with a Les Paul going thru a clean Marshall. Many of Steve’s licks are still used today, you can slot them into so many styles, even Hip-Hop

for example. Another player with that twangy Tele sound but far more complicated( entire guitar tuned up to F#)) is Curtis Mayfield,

who probably influenced Cropper himself.

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