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Ranking The Japan '71 Shows


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11 minutes ago, AchillesLastBand said:


You're 100% right about 6/25/77. In fact, prior to going back and listening to it, I noticed that I'd already "loved" it in my library, indicating that I considered it a superb rendition. It is longer than 4/28, and thus has more of those crazy outro fills, and they don't miss on a single one. Awesome.🤘

Haha well there you go!  Glad I could remind you of it.  If I remember correctly, Ft. Worth '75 is a great one for Bonzo as well -- the show as a whole is great for him and is underrated due to the tape being so new.  I'll be listening next week for the anniversary to confirm 🤘

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On 2/20/2021 at 2:57 AM, William Austin said:

I'm here to refute it... 😄

Ok, this may blow your mind a little bit... mainly because it comes from a night that is not especially revered as being one of Robert Plant's best shows... far from it.

It's actually the other first night in Tokyo: October 2, 1972.

Here's the link to hear for yourself.

This was brought to my attention in a member's-only thread of the Hotel sometime in the past year. If I remember correctly, the guy that pointed it out as being the last time Plant hit the "lady," created the mistaken impression amongst the readers that he was referring to the first Tokyo show in 1971, only to clarify a few posts later that he meant 1972. And he was right.


EDIT: Manchester, November 24, 1971 is also one where Plant nails the entire final verse. Past that, I can't imagine there are any more shows in between the two Japan tours in which Plant hit the "lady" note. Manchester was the last known show where Plant sounded like he did in early 1971... and one of the only times he truly nailed Rock and Roll in the way it was meant to sound (that we have on tape anyway... I'm really hoping to hear the rest of Vancouver soon).

Presently I'm listening to 11/24/71 Manchester - "Rave On" on TDOLZ (Japanese bootleg).

Not all the way through listening (looking forward to the "Rock and Roll" you mentioned) but so far it's a very good/great show, and as you say Robert is in great voice. The pitch of the tape is definitely incorrect; needs to be brought down. This was the only version of the show I could find, incidentally (on guitars101.com lossless forum; it's not on DIME). Not a great audience recording, with a lot of hiss, but totally listenable for the Zep boot-obsessed😛. I wonder if you know of a different version of this show?



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