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David Coverdale on Coverdale/Page album anniversary / possible release in 2023


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David Coverdale interview:

Have you any further news on the Coverdale Page album being reissued? 
Well, my time with Jimmy was amazing. We spoke a couple of weeks ago, in fact, I'm probably going to speak to him this weekend. I think we're probably going to be looking at an anniversary issue in '23. What would that be; 20th? THIRTY?! Fucking hell! As my wife would say; "how old ARE YOU?!" [Laughing].

Have you any idea what an anniversary edition might include?
Yeah, I think you're in for some nice surprises. Jimmy and I have been talking about it, and he's isolated out in the country, so we just have to make sure, because I'm not getting on a fucking plane, and I certainly don't expect him to! We'll have the original album remastered, and we've got a bunch of songs we didn't release, and I videoed most of the writing and recording scenario, and all the way to the shows in Osaka and stuff, so, there's a shit load of content, but one of the things I suggested to him, I said; "why don't you do a Jimmy Page mix on the record, and I'll do a David Coverdale mix, and let the fans just get Jimmy's perspective, and mine".

You seem to look back over that period very fondly.
It was a great relationship with Jimmy. The lawyers were furious; they thought they were going to make a bunch of money negotiating this and that, and Jimmy and I just met in New York, shook hands and said everything's 50/50. And we did that like Lennon / McCartney without the bitterness! [laughing].



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1 hour ago, Paimonus Rex said:

Coverdale's 'Battle of the Mixes' sounds interesting...Just with the short snips of video that's been made available while they were at Coverdale's home leads me to believe that he drove the majority of the material with JPP adding flair and flash.

I suspect Jimmy had a big bag of riffs he'd been developing for a second solo record, and he fit them to various vocal melodies then Coverdale wrote the lyrics. I genuinely believe it was 50/50 rather than Coverdale driving it.

Interesting that they're talking though, and recently. Come on Jimmy, here's your project for lockdown 2!

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Thanks, Sam. It's interesting he alludes to remastering as there's been some speculation as to if the C/P master tapes were destroyed in the UMG fire. I don't recall a definitive answer being provided.

Presumably, even if the masters were destroyed a back up exists.


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