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Why don't you try Kiss or Alice Cooper? ONe could say that they are very peculiar looking gentlemen...

Hey I'm really sorry. I tried both KISS and Alice and I tried everything to make it work but they didn't have anything that looked right. If you have any other suggestions of people who don't wear makeup then I could probably do it. :D

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I just love these--I don't know why they tickle me so much, probably because I imagine South Park voices to go with them. :lol:

Have you done Keith Richards yet? Or Rod Stewart? Or the White Stripes?

Hey Aqua, Idk if you saw yet but I did the White Stripes one for you. :D

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Well, there's still Keith! Springsteen? Marc Bolan? Janis? Surprise us!

I tried Keith but it wasn't good. But I think I could do Marc Bolan and I can definitely do Janis and Springsteen. :)

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