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Live Version of Rock and Roll - Which recording/version is this?


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Can someone explain what the heck is going on here.

In the second half of the video below is a performance of Rock and Roll. To my ears, it is Southampton. Which recording/bootleg/remix of the show is this? It is the best I have ever heard Bonham's drums sound live. Maybe it is that uploader's specific touch on something like Any Port in a Storm, because APS does not have that same exact incredible drum sound. I hope that the entire concert exists with that type of sound. Any thoughts?!



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It's not Stoke January 15, 1973. It is definitely Southampton January 22, 1973. You can tell by the way Plant's vocals come in and how he slurs the second verse. This version doesn't sound all that different from the two versions I have of Southampton...Godfather's "Any Port in a Storm" and the Winston Remaster. Bonham's drums have sounded killer on every release of Southampton that I have heard...and I have heard at least six different boots of Southampton.

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The YouTube clip says it was posted in February 2011, so it would have to be a version released before that date.  It is definitely Southampton 22 January 1973.

To me, the best version of the show is this one that was released in August this year.  The drum sound is incredible.


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