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2020 NHL Season. Starting next week


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I am excited for this season because my Buffalo Sabres should be very much improved.  They picked up Taylor Hall, the most wanted free agent prize on the market.   Also picked up Stahl and goalie Smith.  Among many other moves they made and they should be a good team once more. 

Of course Covid has caused many a problem. First, its a shortened season. Then there is the scheduling madness.  Many many back to back games to avoid travel.  For instance, my Sabres open the season with Washington playing back to back games in back to back nights in Buffalo.  This will happen to all teams.  What this also does is force teams to use their second goalie for basically half the season. Fucked up.  But there will be a season.  Hell, if they can play the NBA, they can play the NHL which I much prefer.  Its a better product by far.

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Well its 2021 so maybe I messed up the title.  If you read this Sam please change to 2021.  My Sabres beat the Flyers 6-1 in Philly last night.  Inspired by the Buffalo Bills they and their coach are now very motivated.  They changed the time of their Sunday game to fit in to finish and go home and watch the Bills game

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