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On 1/29/2021 at 8:14 AM, BobDobbs said:

They did not play All My Love in 79', only In the Evening & Hot Dog were played but otherwise the 79' setlist was one of the best setlists of their career. The two warm up shows in Copenhagen (July 23rd & 24th) were both excellent shows but the 24th is the best of the two. Both of these shows blow away the Knebworth performances two weeks later. The only real mistake Jimmy makes is during Misty Mountain Hop on the 23rd. Have no idea what happened but it almost sounds like Jimmy either dropped the guitar or got his hand caught in the strings during the solo. But that show the next day on the 24th is stellar with Jimmy playing as if it were 73' again.

If you have not heard the 79' shows you are in for a real treat regarding those two Copenhagen dates.

Ugggh, what a nube I am.  I swear I actually did know that, about the set lists, I just screwed it up.  But thanks for the Copenhagen tip.  I would have otherwise thought those shows would have been a bit rough as I think they were  "warm ups" work Knebworth.  I will have to look into those as well.  Thanks again!


Off to complete my 1977 revisit.  A woman on this forum (who I can't find now to save the life of me to thank her) recommended a Best of 1977 soundboards set lists.  Great recommendations.  I'll be replacing some of my Destroyer heavy songs now.

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