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SteveZ98's Earl's Court remaster......... a masterpiece!


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Hello Steve,

I'm searching for the best sound quality of the Led Zeppelin May 25th show at Earl's Court and my researches sent me to this topic. The sample of your work is amazing and i was wondering if you could send me a link of the full show.

Your sample of the 24th show is impressive as well !

Best Regards and well done for your work.

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On 2/1/2021 at 10:55 AM, SteveZ98 said:

Thanks for the kind words. When I work on a show, I spend so much time checking out how the instruments sound that I don't really hear what they're playing. It's not until I'm done that I listen to the performance and I realized this show is one of my favorites from the post-1973 era. For me, Dazed is a highlight, as is OTHAFA, and as you mentioned, No Quarter is excellent. For those who haven't heard the remaster, here's a sample of No Quarter. And if anyone wants the link for the full show, send me a message:


Can i get the link please ?????

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