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What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

The Pagemeister

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I've been listening to nothing but Maiden for the last month, I started with No Prayer For The Dying and got up to Dance of Death, till Senjutsu arrived I then listened to that for two weeks straight nothing but Senjutsu, then I resumed Dance of Death and am now finishing up A Matter Of Life And Death, once I get to Book of Souls, I'll then resume my MAIDEN Marathon with the DiAnno albums till I finish it with Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son, and when that is said and done, I will finish my Maiden marathon with Senjustsu to see if I can develop a better appreciation of the album, it hasn't grown on me yet, but it has made me appreciate the post Virtual XI  albums a lot more.

I've always loved the Blaze/Maiden albums when I bought them and gave them a chance two years ago, got blown away by them and have since grown to love No Prayer For The Dying and Fear Of The Dark, which I didn't care for when they were first released, but have since grown on me, and are great albums, now after listening to Senjutsu for two weeks and not getting into it as much, some songs are okay, but Senjutsu has given me a greater appreciation for the post Virtual XI albums, that I never cared for, I have a new love for these albums and appreciation for them because of Senjutsu, which to me for now is kind of boring, but with a couple of good songs that I do appreciate, The Writing On The Wall, Lost In A Lost World and the Parchment, for now those are the only songs slightly grabbing me.

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Romy Schneider was born 83 years ago today. She died young at age 43 in 1982. In my Lee Hazlewood deep dive I discovered this fan-made video for "My Autumn's Done Come" which uses amazing, psychedelic footage from Henri-Georges Clouzot's unreleased film "L'Enfer" from 1964, starring Romy Schneider. So I post it in tribute to the beautiful Romy…happy heavenly birthday Ms. Schneider.



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