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The Song Remains The Same Soundtrack

How's it going fellow die hard hard core ZEPPELIN fanatics? I hope that the week is treating all of you well. I just got home from the bar with some friends that wanted to hear THE BEATLES LIVE AT THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL on CD. They didn't believe me that I had this album on CD. In reality, its a bootleg. However, its the best sounding bootleg of this concert ever available. THE BEATLES LIVE AT THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL is a 2-CD set remixed by Dr. Ebbetts. This HOLLYWOOD BOWL BEATLES' performance was recorded on 23 August 1964, this is the complete 1964 show. It sounds perfect, crisp clear and incredible. This is an outstanding recording. The songs from the complete 1964 show are as follows:

(1.) Introduction

(2.) Twist And Shout

(3.) You Can't Do That

(4.) All My Loving

(5.) She Loves You

(6.) Things We Said Today

(7.) Roll Over Beethoven

(8.) Can't Buy Me Love

(9.) If I Fell

(10.) I Wanna Hold Your Hand

(11.) Boys

(12.) A Hard Day's Night

(13.) Long Tall Sally

Have a great rest of the evening and ROCK ON!

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Kings of Leon

I just arrived back home from there show and let me tell you.

These guys were amazing...They Had there own sound and carried on the show as if they were Led Zeppelin. They grooved...honestly.

A beautiful show...Put it this way...they played the right songs at the right time :)

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