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What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

The Pagemeister

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The Beatles (radio) on Q104.3 NYC's classic rock station. During their weekly Breakfast With The Beatles segment:

  • Back In The U.S.S.R., then
  • Baby's In Black
  • Honey, Don't
  • Smile Away (PMcC & Wings' Ram On album)

Hosted by Chris Carter? :huh: Anyways:

Albumwise: Revolver, by the Beatles


Radiowise: "Janie's Got a Gun", by Aerosmith




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On radio, (Q104.3) their Get The Led Out weekly extended segment (due to XL Anniversary of Led Zeppelin) (& guest speaker--author, George Case):

(so far)

  1. Travelling Riverside Blues
  2. Fool In The Rain
  3. Ramble On
  4. Black Dog

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The Flick - The Funk Brothers :D:D:D:D

:yesnod: Niiiicce! Standing In The Shadows Of Motown! Great flick! Learned a lot about the virtuosic Motown session musicians back in the 60s, such as James Jamerson and Bob Babbitt (bassists extraordinaire!). :)

:thumbsup: ★★★★★

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