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What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

The Pagemeister

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Crimson & Clover

OMG - this was on an old album I had which was one song from each band, but I can't

remember the name of the album.

I just thought back to when I was a kid listening to this song over and over

and over.

It's been a long long time. Thanks for the memories!!!

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I heard these guys for the first time when they warmed up Them Crooked Vultures in Indianapolis. I bought their CD when I saw them the next night in Chicago. since I've been back home I haven't listened to much else.

On the top right of this page is their songs off the album. You can just click and listen to every song.


I love every song, but ATX is a jam. Wait til you hear the singer's voice. It reminds me of early on listening to Zep. robert's voice was like a fourth instrument that other bands didn't have. This guy's voice is just amazing.

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Dead Flowers off Sticky Fingers? Or 10,000 light years from home? Man, its been a while

No, this album is called "Flowers", before Sticky Fingers or Their Satanic Majesties Request. It's a compilation of tracks from the British version of Aftermath, Between the Buttons and a few unreleased from that period and a few from American releases as well. Some of their most "progressive" with Brian Jones, great tunes.

At this moment, I'm listening to boiling water for my CAWFEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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