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What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

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Slower. :lol: well thats good to my ears, with the record.But the live show was relentless, an amazing energy going on. My friend burned me -zeno beach and put some stooges on the cd too. They apparently cover -the who, stooges and others every show.

Right on.....RB are your raw power live band....live is better with them!!

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What is Fate of Nations? Probably a dumb question-sorry. As much as I love No Quarter, I actually liked the studio version the best. Sometimes the keyboard is too dragged out for my liking. I love the guitar by Jimmy though. When all is said and done, Im a Page guy to the end.

Fate Of Nations is Robert's finest solo effort by far, done in 1993. You MUST get this!!

And yeah, Jonesy can drag that solo out a bit in NQ, but then the main jam kicks in and it's all worth waiting for. You might really dig the live versions from 1979. A bit more concise. Particularly 7-24 and 8-11.

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