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What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

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Virginia, I'm glad you put up the clips. I've been listening to America a lot over the last couple days as a result.

I think this may be their prettiest song ever........


Now I'm not sure if that is Dewey or Gerry singing lead, but his voice sure has a magical clarity to it! Great song.

**Virginia, their website says they will be @ the Montreal Jazz Fest July 3rd 2011.

You should go, bet it will be a good show!..........:) missy

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Why don't they have more fans? *sigh* I guess they got a "frat rap" reputation in the late 80s and for some people it never quite wore off. It's a little disheartening, because even if rap music isn't really your forte (and I'm one of those people), they are really solid musicians and you can hear a lot of live instrumentation in their work, so it's not just the three of them rapping over half a dozen samples and someone scratching a turntable. Ah well, that's their loss.

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I love Beastie Boys. Even back when I knew everything about everything and spouted Gregg Allman's line about rap (something about spelling rap with a capital C) I secretly really dug their music. I was thinking about this today:

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