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What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

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Raga Madhuvanthi -> Raga Kalavati

Carlos Guerra - Bansuri (bamboo flute)

Tetsuya Kaneko - Pakhavaj (double sided drum with bread dough on one head)

Mah-ha - Ghatam (bulbous clay pot with a narrow opening)

Mrs. Guerra - Tamboura (4 string drone instrument plays only one open chord)

live sound by Tonchin at Shimauma Book Store, Nagoya Japan

^ these things are ongoing searches for the TRUTH !! Inquiring bootleg afficiando's NEED to KNOW !!!!! :thumbsup:

Let me know your results !

No results. The guy must've thought I was gonna get his torrent pulled.

He gave me no reply.....


This slips under the radar but is really remarkable.....great musicians...doing mostly covers of motown material....:thumbsup: but MORE rockin' !!!

Those are the guys that did I Just Wanna Celebrate right?

Hahaha...nice sig, ReR. :D

I've just put on disc 2 of The Soundtrack from the Film The Song Remains The Same.

It's been ages since I listened to this version of Dazed and Confused! I'm dead excited. Hahah. :D

The new version or the old version of TSRTS?

Believe it or not....


How is that BTW? Is that the one with American Pie?


Still listening to the O2 show at the moment. It seems to sound better every time I play it. B)

You said it. I find myself thinking the same thing. :)

I'm listening to a mid 70's (?) Eric Clapton release named Backless. I'll go on record as stating it is the greatest collection of songs in the history of the world. :mellow:
I'm gonna hold you to that statement! :P


I didn't realize how good this was. The first tune has the 'When the Levee Breaks' drumbeat sampled....the second tune mentions Jimmy Page..and I'm only on the third tune, but it totally takes The Ocean guitar riff and makes a new tune !!

It's furicken great ! :D

I'll second THAT! Perfect for toolin' around in the hot rod.

She's crafty!.... and she's just my type!

Girl Gone Bad - Van Halen
One of my favorite VH songs. Sometimes I just can't get this out of my head. Gets no respect, though. Nice post! Edited by rockthing
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phish-character zero

i was taught a month ago

to bide my time and take it slow

but then i learned just yesterday

to rush and never waste the day

now im convinced the whole day long

that all i learned was always wrong

listened to it a few times today :lol:

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