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What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

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At the moment its

Jamiroquai - Traveling Without Moving (never have learned the song titles)

Top Ten recently played itunes/ipod tracks:

lz19770623d1.05NobodysFaultButMine 7:14 Led Zeppelin Sgt. Page's Badgeholders Club Band part 1 9 08/1/17 9:36 PM

Delta Queen 6:02 Drew Emmit Band Skank Hall, Milwaukee 2004-11-14 5 08/1/17 8:00 PM

NST20071208-10-HoroYori 3:39 Nohshintoh Chikubi Party 1 08/1/17 7:54 PM

NST20071208-06-DeathToRoy 4:11 Nohshintoh Chikubi Party 2 08/1/17 7:50 PM

Gold hill line 3:54 Drew Emmit Band Skank Hall, Milwaukee 2004-11-14 6 08/1/17 7:46 PM

106 she was hot 5:33 The Rolling Stones London Calling 3 08/1/17 7:42 PM

The Voice From The Border 8:49 Sachiko Kunado 2 08/1/17 7:36 PM

Over the Hills and Far Away 5:29 Led Zeppelin Lead Poisoning (RW-2A/B) 6 08/1/17 12:33 PM

lz19770623d1.02TheSongRemainsTheSame 5:27 Led Zeppelin Sgt. Page's Badgeholders Club Band part 1 10 08/1/17 12:28 PM

Dusk 5:55 Sachiko Kunado 2 08/1/17 12:22 PM

Been experimenting with the shuffle feature.

The new one...I just got it the other day.

Manic Street Preachers - Everything Must Go

Right on, I've been dragging my feet on the new one. I had to pay premium to get the Collectors Edition DVD cause they were all sold out on pre-order. I'll pick it up next time I'm near HMV record store. It won't be going out of stock any time soon. :-)

Half Moon


Great tune! My cousin lent me the Janis 3 disc box set for a while back in the 90s. Love this period and this song.

P&P Blue Train. There are very few pieces of music that I love more than this one.

Great song, no doubt. and the transition from Upon A Golden Horse is excellent.

Thats the Way---LZ

Great sig pic btw. the sunburst Plant.

rusted root-when i woke/drum trip

Nice! Someone else listening to Rusted Root. This is such a great way to start an album.

I became a fan back when they were touring with Page and Plant during the Unledded tour. On the way to the Omni in Atlanta from NC I kept hearing their first single Send Me On My Way on the radio. Knowing they were doing the opening honors, I was very intrigued by that song and picked up When I Awoke after the show when passing through Athens, GA. According to Billboard they have a new album coming out soon, their first since 2002:

Rusted Root Recharges For First Album Since '02

Ahh... very good news.

Their first CD "Cruel Sun", I think it's called, is really good too. They rerecorded a lot of songs from it for "When I Woke", but the originals are cool too. it's more mellow, I think.

I kinda lost interest in the stuff I heard after When I Awoke as it seemed to be missing some of the key ingredients that endeared that album to me to start with such as the heavy percussion. I also caught them years later on one of the HORDE tours and they hardly seemed like the same band at all (that may have also had something to do with the first of the lineup changes). Still, I never rule out a return to form, even this far down the line.

I think Jen Wurz and Liz Berlin are both with the band again.

Liz took some time off to become a mother.

I'm really looking forward to their new CD if it has the original line-up.

I think, by the time When I Woke came out, they'd been doing the indies scene with that sound for several years, so when they broke it may have been a chance for Mike Gabliki to experiment with the sound a bit. A friend of mine lived downstair from Mike around the time of Remember. He said he and Mike used to have some informal jam sessions on electric guitar in each others' apartments and occasionally Mike would say something along the lines of, 'that was pretty good, do you mind if I use that?' That's what my friend said, at least. :) As you said, though, the member changes certainly had an effect. I don't think I've had a chance to see them perform since When I Woke came out. Too bad really. One of my favorite bands from the 90s. Definitely looking forward to their new recording.

My favourite Stones song ever :D

Gimme Shelter - The Rolling Stones


Yeah, one of my favorites too. So much power. Such a great support performance (lead, really) by the female singer.


Yeah, I love this album. Isis, One more Cup of Coffee, Hurricane the list goes on, great tunes.

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Love that album.....................SARA forever!!

I laid on a dune I looked at the sky

When the children were babies and played on the beach

You came up behind me, I saw you go by

You were always so close and still within reach.

Sara, Sara

Whatever made you want to change your mind

Sara, Sara

So easy to look at, so hard to define.

I can still see them playing with their pails in the sand

They run to the water their buckets to fill

I can still see the shells falling out of their hands

As they follow each other back up the hill.

Sara, Sara

Sweet virgin angel, sweet love of my life

Sara, Sara

Radiant jewel, mystical wife.

Sleeping in the woods by a fire in the night

Drinking white rum in a Portugal bar

Them playing leapfrog and hearing about Snow White

You in the marketplace in Savanna-la-Mar.

Sara, Sara

It's all so clear, I could never forget

Sara, Sara

Loving you is the one thing I'll never regret.

I can still hear the sounds of those Methodist bells

I'd taken the cure and had just gotten through

Staying up for day in the Chelsea Hotel

Writing "Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands" for you.

Sara, Sara

Wherever we travel we're never apart

Sara, Sara

Beautiful lady, so dear to my heart.

How did I meet you ? I don't know

A messenger sent me in a tropical storm

You were there in the winter, moonlight on the snow

And on Lily Pond Lane when the weather was warm.

Sara, Sara

Scorpio Sphinx in a calico dress

Sara, Sara

You must forgive me my unworthiness.

Now the beach is deserted except for some kelp

And a piece of an old ship that lies on the shore

You always responded when I needed your help

You gimme a map and a key to your door.

Sara, Sara

Glamorous nymph with an arrow and bow

Sara, Sara

Don't ever leave me, don't ever go.

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