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Various Artists - The Psychedelic Scene

25 fantastic tracks that have been derived from the mid-'60s archives of U.K.-based Decca Records and associated subsidiaries like Deram. I highly recomend this CD to anyone into British psych.

A couple of the tracks:

14 Hour Technicolour Dream - Syn

Vacum Cleaner - Tintern Abbey

Red Sky At Night - The Accent

Colour Of My Mind - The Attack

That Man - Small Faces

Baby I Need You - Curiosity Shoppe

In Your Tower - The Poets

Love & Beauty - The Moody Blues

and more..


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Illinois State Fair

August 15th, 1992

Lineage: Master Video Source -> SA Recorder(Flex Mode)-> PC Edited: Menu & Proper Chapter Points Added

Total DVD Size: 4.09GB

DVD Length: 120 Minutes

This is the best Psychotic Supper show that I have seen, and I've seen quite a few DVDs from 91/92 tour.

Great camera work, excellent performance, and, near perfect setlist!

The gig is shot from the right balcony.

There are a few video screen shots from time to time.

There is also a slide show bonus featuring pix from the Psychotic Supper tour.

If you only download one Tesla DVD, grab this one!

Special thanks to Scott H. for sharing this DVD with me.

This is my first DVD torrent. If all goes well, I will torrent a few more Tesla DVDs on JTT & DIME.

I will try to seed 24/7 until there are plenty of seeds, but I may have to go offline from time to time.

Please be patient and you'll be rewarded with one kick ass and RARE Tesla show to enjoy!


01. Comin' Atcha Live

02. Change In The Weather

03. Heaven's Trail (No Way Out)

04. Call It What You Want

05. Stir It Up

06. Song and Emotion

07. Time

08. The Way It Is (acoustic)

09. Paradise (acoustic)

10. Signs

11. Had Enough

12. Before My Eyes

13. What You Give

14. Modern Day Cowboy

15. Love Song

16. Hang Tough

17. Wind Cries Mary

18. Gettin' Better


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