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Just got done listening to Paul McCartney's entire post-Beatles solo career.  I pretty much stopped paying attention when I was a kid after "London Town".  At the time I had pretty much had my fill of 'silly love songs' and such.  14 albums...and there's not much there that caught my ear.  In fact, it was a struggle to listen to most of it.  "McCartney II" and "Tug of War" stood out from the others.  There's also a few individual tunes from the later years that are bearable.  Don't want to get on the guy's case too bad, but the well had obviously run dry.

Lennon's "Walls & Bridges" is my favorite post-Beatles solo release.  Makes you wonder how Lennon's solo work in the 80's and 90's would have played out had he lived.  I don't think he would have released anything if he knew it wasn't relevant.  He took heat for some of his stuff on "Double Fantasy", but it was still much more personal and meaningful material than anything I just heard from Mac in the last 30 years. 

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Bong-man, that's quite an undertaking!   I find most of his Wings work quite listenable. 

As for Lennon and Double Fantasy, I honestly think if he hadn't been killed shortly after its release, it would have to be viewed as one of the most disastrous releases by a major artist in years.  A complete piece of unmitigated dripping crap, honestly, it is hard to imagine an album by anyone that is worse than Double Fantasy.  Well, maybe Milk and Honey comes pretty close.

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